Royal Elm Park, Reading

Realm Case Study



The Brief:

Realm was commissioned to work on this flagship £500m mixed-use scheme, surrounding the Madejski Stadium. We provided both verified view photomontages (AVRs) and marketing CGIs in support of the planning application and accompanying public consultation. The scheme was granted full planning permission for 600 homes, a convention centre, a hotel and ice rink.


Barton Willmore and Reading FC

The Challenges

Part of the scheme had been worked up to a fully detailed level, whilst other elements were still in outline planning and so we needed to determine the optimum methods of demonstrating the proposals in their various stages of design. The outcome was to create a collection of verified view photomontages, consisting of wirelines and block model images, born from single frame and panoramic architectural photography.

“High profile projects demand consultants of the highest calibre to deliver the key elements - and Realm has excelled. Their inspiring CGIs helped communicate the core vision and secure extensive media interest.”

Peter Newton, Director, Barton Willmore

What is an AVR or Verified View?

An Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) or verified view is a static or moving image that shows the location of a proposed development, the degree to which it will be visible, its outline or detailed form and in the case of the latter the materials to be used in construction. AVRs combine representations of the proposed development and the built-form accurately located within a surveyed photo of the existing viewpoint that has been taken by a specialist architectural photographer using specially calibrated and aligned equipment.

Accuracy is everything in verified views and our work is underpinned by what has been acknowledged as possibly the most robust process and methodology currently available, which allows us to achieve forensic levels of accuracy through our team of skilled specialists.

Wireline photomontage - AVR 00

A wireline image is used to accurately demonstrate the size and location of the proposal in context to the landscape. It is often referred to as a AVR00 image.


Occluded Wireline Photomontage - AVR 01

An occluded wireline demonstrates the proposal in terms of its extents, but also adds form and offers a more identifiable degree of visibility.


Block model photomontage - AVR 02

A block model photomontage offers a further description of the architectural form of the proposals.


fully rendered photomontage - AVR 03

A fully rendered photomontage visualises the proposal, inclusive of materials, to provide a photo-realistic vision of the architect’s design.



A cumulative image overlays wirelines of other proposed developments in the same photomontage as consented schemes in the surrounding area.

This delivers a visual representation of the context against other proposals to help secure planning permission.



Landscapes can be beautiful, artistic or practical in nature and when represented well, can transform and inform decisions made in planning. We are able to show planting in fully rendered form or as indicative planting dependent upon your specific requirements.


Marketing CGIs

Realm creates stunning CGIs and realistic photomontages to visualise future environments, explore design concepts or to help market your development or destination proposals.  We can work with 3D models supplied to us in any format such as 3ds Max, SketchUp, and Revit. We produce our 3D architectural models and renderings in house using the latest versions of 3ds Max, Vray, Nuke and Photoshop, as well as a multitude of plugins.

If we have created verified views for you then we are virtually half way there with the marketing images, so why not allow us to show you what we can do for a truly cost effective project.


CPDs by realm

 We offer two CPD seminars, delivered by our MD, Martin, and other members of the team.

The Verifiable Planning Process

How to ensure your verified planning photomontages (AVRs) are an accurate representation of your design.

An overview of the subject and its context, along with a visual walk through the methodology, current guidelines and industry best practise.

We have offered this seminar since 2003 to assist you to understand what is meant by 'accurate visual representations' (AVRs), how they are created and in what context. We explore the subject and demonstrate best practise approach including how to avoid the pitfalls when producing planning images in-house and we share our insight and production experience with recent examples.

Creative Briefing and Storytelling

The power of 3D CGI, Animation & Film; How to harness these powerful tools to communicate your ideas, designs and visions using storytelling techniques.

This interactive face to face seminar demonstrates how you can harness the power of CGI, 3D animation and film to communicate your ideas, designs and visions. 

Suitable for architects, planning consultants and developers who wish to create or commission more compelling and engaging presentations, this seminar will demonstrate how best to provide engaging content (for private viewings, exhibitions, trade press and national TV) to your clients, stakeholders, investors and the general public.

"A very interesting and useful guide for structuring and presenting your story."    

Mike Marlow, Associate Director, S&P Architects

Each CPD is charged at £350 (+Vat), please submit a contact request here if you wish to book or phone us on 01483 813 888.